One Way Out is an exciting and challenging maze game!

The main goal is to solve the maze, but to open the mouse door you must first grab the cheese. To complete the maze, the next challenge is to bring it back to your stockpile inside your mouse hole and you do all of this while trying to avoid the hungry Cat!
You can also risk trying to grab treasures and powerups but keep your eyes on that Cat - once he catches your scent he will be extra eager to find you! Treasure Chests contain random amounts of Coins and if you are lucky, even a Diamond! Use Coins and Diamonds to spend in the Marketplace on special abilities and powerups!
Outwit the Cat by using your Special Abilities and Powerups such as Power Jump, Sprint and Random Teleport plus many more!

  • Supports Retina display.
  • 216 Levels.
  • 24 Themes.
  • The Marketplace - where you can spend the Diamonds and Coins you collect. You can also buy Diamonds in bulk as an in-app purchase.
  • Detailed in-game help.
  • An optional music player that plays your favourite iTunes songs while you play.
  • Three control methods: Motion (using the Accelerometer), One-Handed and Two-Handed. Two-Handed mode also has 3 different configurations to choose from.
  • Game Center Enabled. Your highest level will be displayed in the Game Center Leaderboard.
  • Turn game sound on/off independently to music.

One Way Out