TeachMe Numbers 1

Who says learning can't be fun?

This is the first in a series of 3 number teaching Apps. 'TeachMe Numbers 1' is aimed generally at 1-3 year olds and encompasses the concept of play-based learning. Through a series of fun-filled activities the child will learn numbers 1 through 10. 

Each activity allows you to guide your child through steps designed to teach them their numbers. 

This activity is designed to teach your child the association between the name and visual representation of each number. This activity can be done with or without the sound turned on. Starting from 1, touch the screen and say or repeat the name of the number with your child. The next number will appear automatically once the previous number has faded away.

The aim of this activity is to teach the concept of number sequence, that there is a set order to how numbers should follow each other. As each numbered balloon rises on the screen the child will see them come up in the same order every time. Once the balloons have reached their position your child can 'pop' them one-by-one, but only in the correct order. This is a great opportunity to count with them as they pop each balloon as the numbers will remain on the screen. There is an option to turn 'Autoplay' off so that you can focus on just counting the numbers in sequence with your child before touching the 'Next' button for another set of balloons.

Designed to reinforce the concept that each number represents a quantity, or amount of objects. This activity can be done with or without sound. Touch the 'Next' button once you enter this activity to bring up the first picture. If 'Voice' is on you will hear the number being said. Guide your child to touch each item as you count together. The items can be selected in any order as this activity is designed to teach your child a group of objects can be counted in any order but will still end up being the same amount! To help your child remember which items they have already counted, each item changes to a bright color so it doesn't get counted twice.

A fun game for your child to play! In order to see Jack jump out of his box your child will need to touch the numbers in the correct order as they follow the winding path.  They will want to do this activity again and again so it will be a wonderful opportunity to reinforce their numbers from 1-10!

This fun activity teaches number recognition and matching. Commencing with any number on the picture or palette help your child to find the matching pair. The colors will help in this activity as your child will recognise that trees are usually green and the sky is blue! Once all numbers are matched up your child will be rewarded with a special animated finish to their picture.

Activity 6: NUMBER BELLS
A noisy activity your child is sure to love! Simply let them 'ring the bells' or ask them to touch a number you say. For older children there are many simple songs that can be created by touching the bells in a certain order such as 'Jingle Bells'. 777 777 79567 - For some extra fun harmonies, try more than one bell at a time!

The age range given above is a general guide only as children learn at their own pace. You as the parent will know when your child is ready for the next stage of 'TeachMe Numbers'. 

TeachMe Numbers 1 (for children aged 1-3yrs) - Nigel Green