Energy HD

Energy HD is a Battery App with a difference!

8 activity times are calculated which include Wireless and 3G Internet browsing, 2D and 3D Games, Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Standby Time and Charging Time.
Unique Energy HD Features:
• The charging time remaining is calculated dynamically depending on how fast your device charges and is recalculated when your battery level changes.
• A history of the last 10 Battery Status messages are kept automatically for you.
• Chrome flip switches that you actually "flip" to activate - and with realistic sounds.
• A safety flip switch protects you from accidentally deleting your Battery Status history - flip up the safety switch and the reset flip switch will be lowered    into position, allowing you to flip up to reset the history.  If you change your mind, you can flip down on the safety switch and the reset switch will retreat underneath the safety switch again.
• Cool looking blast-door animation and sound effect on display panel - flip down to close the blast-door to tuck away the control panel and flip up to re-open it.
• Each Battery Status has a unique sound that is played when the Battery Status changes (Status Sounds can be turned off using one of the flip switches if    desired).
Even More Features:
• An optional Full Charge Alarm to alert you when your iPad is fully charged (useful if you are waiting for it to charge and want to do something else in the meantime).
• Tips about getting the most from your iPad battery (Tips can also be turned off).
• Your iPad's iOS version is displayed for your reference.
• Every flip switch or setting you change in Energy HD is saved automatically when you exit the App, ready for next time.

Energy HD - Nigel Green