Who says learning can't be fun? 

This is the first in a series of 3 teaching color Apps. 'TeachMe Colors 1' is aimed generally at 1-3 year olds and encompasses the concept of play-based learning. Through a series of five fun-filled activities and with your aid to guide them, your child will learn how to distinguish between different colors.

Each activity is designed to teach them the recognition of 11 colors: White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown, Orange, Purple, Pink and Gray. 

Developed with the assistance of his wife Elizabeth (who has a background in Early Childhood) and 20 month old grandson Eli, the App's developer Nigel Green discovered how quickly young children can benefit from TeachMe Colors 1.

"I was going through the activities with my grandson the other day and he shocked us all." Nigel Green said."Eli had only used the App four times previously but on Activity 1, when I was distracted while pointing to the next color and I incorrectly told him 'Pink', he actually corrected me and said 'Blue'. I was excited and stunned at the same time."

One month later and Eli's progress continued to amaze his family.

 "At 21 months old, Eli can now recognise and say 9 of the 11 colors introduced in TeachMe Colors 1. He gets easily distracted, which makes it even more amazing that he is picking it up so fast considering he won't sit longer than five minutes at a time!" Eli's mother said.

• 5 fully interactive activities for your child to explore!
• A 'Preferred Spelling' option is available allowing you to choose the spelling of the words 'Grey/Gray' and 'Color/Colour'.

Activity 1 is designed to focus the child's attention on one color at a time without distraction. Through repetition the child follows your lead in naming the color. You will be amazed at how quickly they learn the names as they touch each expanding circle of color! 

Activity 2 presents a random selection of 4 colors that is different each time the 'Next' button is touched. This teaches your child to distinguish between various colors as they appear side-by-side, especially if they are having difficulties telling the difference between certain colors. Each circle of color expands as it is touched to focus their attention on that color only. 

Activity 3 encourages freedom of choice and expression as the child chooses their own colors to 'paint' the pictures. This activity allows the teaching of color with objects as you use names such as 'Red Hat', 'Yellow Flower', 'Orange Fish' etc. This also encourages the child to begin to associate multiple colors with objects such as 'Purple Balloon', 'Pink Balloon', 'Blue Balloon' etc. 

Activity 4 is purely fun-based learning as the child is able to finger-paint with colors. Watch the delight on their face as they touch the palette and create their first masterpieces! In time, they can use this activity to draw objects which can be saved to the iPad's Photo Album. You can then email their creations to family and friends! 

Activity 5 incorporates the use of music in your child's learning of colors. The interactive musical colors create a fun environment whilst focusing your child's attention on the 7 colors in front of them. Simple songs can be created using combinations of the colors such as familiar nursery rhymes and ditties, an example of which is given within the App. A choice of two musical instruments are available, piano and guitar. 

The age range given above is a general guide only as children learn at their own pace. You as the parent will know when your child is ready for the next stage of 'TeachMe Colors'. 

TeachMe Colors 1 (for children aged 1-3yrs) - Nigel Green