Who says learning can't be fun?

This is the second in a series of 3 teaching color Apps.  'TeachMe Colors 2' is aimed generally at 3-5 year olds and encompasses the concept of play-based learning. Through a series of fun-filled activities the child will learn the names of 19 colors without even realising it!

Each activity allows you to guide your child through steps designed to teach them the recognition of colors.

• 5 fully interactive activities for your child to explore!
• The Color Memory Game Activity has 12 cards and the choice of 2 card backs!
• 5 Stamps and 3 drawing sizes are available in the Drawing Activity!
• Random Color and Object Activity has 17 different colors and objects! (The colors Black and White are not included in this activity, so that all objects remain identifiable.)
• The Random Color and Object Activity includes cars that flash their headlights and honk their horns upon touch and a train that blows smoke and whistles!  Your child's expression as they discover how each object interacts will be priceless!
• A 'Preferred Spelling' option is available allowing you to choose the spelling of the words 'Grey/Gray' and 'Color/Colour'.

Activity 1: Random Light And Dark Balloon Activity
This activity introduces the concept of light and dark colors using four different sets of colored balloons. Once all three balloons have risen, the name of each color appears behind them. Direct your child to 'POP' each balloon to reveal the color name in full. Try playing a game with your child asking them to pop a particular balloon, such as the Light Blue one. Then ask them to pop either of the other two balloons, thus encouraging them to distinguish between different tints and shades of the same color. Once all balloons have been popped, the next set of colored balloons will rise automatically.

Activity 2: Named Random Color Activity
Guiding your child, point to the circle of color and say its name.  As each colored circle is touched the name above it expands to draw attention to the association between the color and word. The initial focus is to teach the child that each color has its own written name, without expecting them to learn to spell it - this will come when they are ready.

Activity 3: Random Color and Object Activity
Guiding your child, point to each object and say not only its name, but also its color such as 'RED CAR'. This enforces the concept that the same object can be many different colors. Try asking your child questions as each new object appears such as 'What color is the Fish?' or 'Is this a Light Blue or Dark Blue Hat?'. Let your child discover the way each object reacts to their touch!

Activity 4: Drawing Activity
Your child can choose from 3 widths or sizes to use with the pencil or stamps. A choice of 19 colors are available for their selection. Using their finger, encourage your child to create their own colorful artwork in the blank space by drawing lines with the pencil and applying the stamps by tapping the screen. Allow their imagination to run free as they express themselves creatively! You can also save the picture into your iPad's Photo Album where you can easily email it to family and friends.

Activity 5: Color Memory Game Activity
A fun-based activity where your child selects two cards at a time. If they are the same color a sound is played to let them know they have found a matching pair. This activity assists not only with color recognition and matching, but also with memory recall. When all color pairs have been found your child will be rewarded with happy cheering! A choice of two card backs are available featuring the series characters Eli and Izzy. This is a great game for your child to play with a little friend to encourage turn-taking!

The age range given above is a general guide only as children learn at their own pace. You as the parent will know when your child is ready for the next stage of 'TeachMe Colors'.

TeachMe Colors 2 (for children aged 3-5yrs) - Nigel Green