Take the guess work out of how much to insure your valuables for.

Comprehensive Contents Insurance Catalog (CCIC) provides an easy and accessible way to record the details of valued items for insurance purposes, whether for protection against loss, damage or theft.

Use CCIC to record items such as jewellery, art work, antiques, software, computers, furniture, gardening tools, equipment and anything else of value.

Among the four available grouping options (which can be changed at any time) is being able to group by Location. This allows items to be grouped and valued together on a room-by-room basis.  Once all items are entered the total value of items for each Location is displayed in that group's heading.  If for example only certain rooms are damaged in a fire or flood, the total value of items in those Locations is instantly available.

• For extra peace of mind, at any time you can email your item records either individually or your entire catalog to any email address.
• Unlimited items can be added. To remove items, use the swipe gesture on the item you wish to remove and then touch the Delete button to confirm.
• Automatically uses your local currency symbol for financial amounts (set by the Region Format on the device).

CCIC can record the following details for every item:
• Item Name
• Category (when grouping by Category, the total value for that Category is displayed.  E.g. Furniture: $12000.00)
• Item Location (when grouping by Location, the total value for that Location is displayed.  E.g. Kitchen: $8500.00)
• Purchase Date
• Quantity (useful if combining similar items into bulk amounts e.g. 50 Assorted DVD's)
• Manufacturer/Brand
• Model Number
• Serial Number (useful if the item has been stolen)
• Item Cost (included for your own reference)
• Item Value
• Comments (For any extra details you wish to note.  The comments will be included if you email your records.)
• Up to 6 Photos for each item (For different views/angles and receipts)

Your items can be sorted/grouped by:
• Location
• Name (Item Name by Ascending Order)
• Value (Most expensive items first)
• Category

For your convenience, when sorting by Location or Category, the group value is calculated and displayed in the group heading.
The Total Value and Total Quantity for the entire Catalog is visible on the main screen.

Comprehensive Contents Insurance Catalog - Nigel Green