“Say my name.”

Make anyone or anything (pets included) look like the iconic Heisenberg from the Breaking Bad TV series!

1. Take a photo using the camera or grab one from your Photos.
2. Using gestures, move, rotate and/or scale the Pork Pie Hat, Sunglasses and Beard to fit over your subject's face.
3. Share it!

Send as an iMessage, an email, a tweet on Twitter, a post on Facebook, save to your Photos, assign it to a Contact or even AirDrop it to a nearby friend!

(Best results are achieved using front facing subjects)

Controls (from left to right and then down)

Camera: Take a photo using your device camera to use as your subject.
Share: Choose how you want to share or send your image.
Photo: Pick a photo from your Photos to use as your subject.
Reset: Clear the subject photo and reset Heisenberg back to defaults.